Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Siurana Sunshine

We have been in Siruana, Spain for about two weeks now. Our arrival in Spain sent us a little curve ball with a missing bag...but it arrived late the next afternoon. We picked up our wicked campervan...fully painted and reads "Space Invaders"! The van sticks out like a sore thumb but everyone seems to know who we are...Canada invades again! One afternoon, we were quietly reading our books in the van and we heard a french family talk about the van and take pictures beside it. We eavesdropped on the entire photo shoot and laughed silently. Although an eyesore the van is very comfortable with bed, inside table, kitchen sink, lots of storage, and camping amenities.
Our climbing in Siruana is humbling...after swinging on stalagtites in Kalymnos, crimping and standing on your feet in Spain is challenging. We are quickly improving our finger strength and pain tolerance to send our latest 7b+, which was almost 40m long. The rock reminds us of Lion´s Head, back home, but there is way more of it here. Siruana is beautiful and we are finally getting good weather after days of rain and cloud. The climbing is growing on us and we will stay in the area for at least another week before we try and head to Rodellar...which might be too cold and wet to climb there this time.
It is an international climbing scene once again and we´re meeting great people. We have been playing poker with some Germans, Urig and Yacob, chillin out with three South Africans, Orion, Mickey and Andrew, and meeting new acquaintences at every cliff we visit.
We are doing well and enjoying the easy life.
We miss home and everyone there! Saloo (cheers) until next time.