Thursday, March 18, 2010

Krazy in Kalymnos

"Yea su" is hello in Greek. We made it to a little island
named Kalymnos, population 15,000. Their motto here is "everything for the climbers". Everyone including our taxi driver to the mini mart owner, Adonas, will do backflips to make us feel welcome.

We are staying in the very small town of Masouri, home of studios and motorbikes to rent, friendly
restaurants and mini marts, and the strip is all overlooked by the huge
cliff above.
Leslie, our buddy from home has met us and We have
rented a spacious studio overlooking the Aegean Sea.
Our landlords, Adonis and Poppy, are extremely friendly and have
cooked us some excellent Greek cuisine from the heart.
We all do our best to communicate with this lovely, traditional couple.

We have been steadily climbing with a rest day between two climbing days.
The routes are long, steep, pumpy, and filled with adventurous movements
over tufas and stalagtites of all sizes! We are climbing well, onsighting
and flashing upto 12b.

Canada is definately making a statement here with
climbing skills and friendliness...we are neighbours and climbing
companions with other Canadians from Canmore, Michelle and Don...ironically
enough Leslie met this couple in Joshua Tree last year.

The weather is chilly with Spring like temps but it's great for climbing.
The season is just starting here so we will
have a few quiet weeks at the crag before the crowds of climbers come to
rage in Kalymnos.

On our rest days we have already explored the island on speedy motorbikes,
and have explored the major town of Porthia, the Port of the island.
Today we are not enjoying the rain too much but Les and I did enjoy
winning in Euchre against Dave and a new friend from Spain, Jose.

Right now we hear Canada is enjoying warmer weather Greece, so don't be too jealous.

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  1. hummm kalymnos , just love it ! enjoy
    Hi from Tasmania, we are going to have a glance on Totem pole ! one day i'll come back, you'll have to give me informations about this climb ;-)
    and if you have 16 minutes, just watch this

    Gaëlle and Ben (met in Ton Saï) from France