Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spain to Smith

We made it back to America! After some long flights we made it to Portland three hours later than scheduled. Our second flight from Brussels was delayed and the plane had to fly in different directions to avoid the ash from the volcano in Iceland. We ended up seeing the volcano out of our plane's windows and captured some photos.
Iceland is not just a clever name for that country!

Once in Portland, back with our buddy Callum, we were anxious to see how our road machine, Sylvia, would handle after being under Callum's care. Well, to our surprise the van is still in great condition...minor repairs got her on the road again to Smith Rocks (where sport climbing all began) and Trout Creek (the west's answer to Indian Creek).

Despite our cold and rainy weather at times we were still as psyched as ever to explore new crags, rock climb new routes, and to enjoy more of the world's best scenery. I surprisingly enjoyed Smith's off vertical, technical, run out pitches on volcanic rock, and Dave flowed up Trout's burly, sustained, hand/foot torqing trad climbing lines.

After two weeks at Smith and surrounding area we are now earning our keep back in Portland with Callum.
In a few days we are off to Yosemite Valley for a couple of weeks and meeting friends Chris and Mike for some Valley climbs. Dave and Chris are planning Half Dome in a day and Callum and Mike are pushing for El Cap. I think I might enjoy resting and hiking this time.

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